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Stuff that happens to DD Suggesters!

Fri Dec 12, 2014, 8:30 PM

I have dreamed of writing this journal for a long time now! :D For this DD Celebration Week, here are some funny/strange/awkward things that have happened to me or things that I have done during this awesome journey! Please share your experiences too! :eager:

Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I always read the comments of my suggested DDs. I always comment on them too.

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate Sometimes, I have sent notes to random people and, by instinct and habit, I write to the Subject box “DD Suggestion”! :lol: Once or twice, I have actually sent these notes to them, before noticing the wrong title!

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Sometimes I accidentally push the Send button before writing the DD description. And then I have to send it again. :facepalm:

Copy... paste... send... Wait, no, no, I forgot the descrip.... Oh, great.

Pixel: Orange Star by apparate I had once suggested a piece of the creator of Shadowness depicting the logo of that page, without knowing that it is a kind of a rival art page! :ashamed: When I learned about it, you can imagine my surprise and my relief that it was NOT featured! Blush Emote :cringe: 

Oh gosh... Maybe it will take a while before sending again to that CV...

Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Sometimes, I suggest a piece that is a miscat or has no stated references. The CV says that they will feature it, only if such issues are fixed. I want SO much to see it featured that I send a note to the artist to fix the miscat or the reference and then I successfully re-suggest it.

Pixel: Yellow Star by apparate Some artworks were accepted after many trials and CVs. Some others were featured many months after the note was sent.

Orange Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I see some unaccepted suggestions from months ago and I realize it was better that they were NOT featured. It seems that a Suggester can be “trained” to see even better artworks as time goes by. :nod:

Pixel: Pink Star by apparate Because some CVs don’t say whether or not they accept a picture, sometimes I don’t notice that a piece got featured. I may see it later with my name on it and I wonder “When did this happen?!” :o Once, I saw a piece that was featured 10 months ago and I had never noticed it!

Is this my name...? When did I actually suggest it?...

Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser In 2-3 cases, the featured artist had their birthday on that day! It must be an awesome feeling for them!

Pixel: Blue Stary by apparate  In these 4 years, I have asked only once the reason of declining a suggestion. It happened when a CV clearly declined the piece and then some days later featured the same picture with another suggester’s name. I thought that I did something wrong, so I asked them why this happened. I eventually understood that with the flood of notes a CV receives, they can easily forget what they even said some days before, so it’s totally acceptable. :D

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I have never suggested nude, gore and too “dark” or “ideologically sensitive” pieces. Also, very rarely Mature Filter hidden pieces, as I am more prone to PG-13! I prefer the DDs to be viewed even by underage artists. :)

Pixel: Purple Star by apparate Only ONE of my Literature suggestions has ever been accepted and my name was not even mentioned! :D

Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser As you know, many times a CV may feature a different piece of the artist we suggest. Some of them ask us for a new description, others add their own words and others use our old description on the new piece.

:bulletgreen: Once, I suggested a cute photo with a description like “…innocent beauty…” The CV featured instead a quite hotter portrait, using the same comment! I was afraid that day to read the comments of the people, in case someone noted the difference between my “innocent” description and the “hot” portrait! :lol:

:bulletgreen: In another case, a CV chose a much darker themed piece that I personally wouldn’t probably notice, but fortunately changed my words!

:bulletgreen: And once, a CV used my description, but forgot to mention me. :D

Pixel: Green Star by apparate I often ran out of imagination for my descriptions and I repeat the same words. ^^; I look then at other features/comments to get some ideas!

Orange Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Most fortunately, my choices have never caused a dArama. It’s the worst thing that I am afraid of, to destroy the DD happiness of an artist.

Pixel: Red Star by apparate Only once someone commented negatively on my profile for my choice. They also commented on the CV’s profile about it. Although I didn’t pay attention (I really liked that photo!), the CV stepped up to my defense and supported both the featured piece and me. Like this:

And close the door behind you.

Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser In 2-3 cases a piece I suggested was deprived of its DD status the same day, mostly because of art theft cases. Even if both Suggesters and CVs often check for such cases, it is possible to feature a wrong piece. I think it’s an awkward situation for everyone involved. It makes you double careful the next time.

I hope at least it was deleted before many people actually saw it...

Pixel: Pink Star by apparate I see a beautiful piece that I want to suggest it later and I store it in my Drafts. Sometimes I do send it, others I leave it for later... and later... The result is that I have DOZENS of drafts now and I don't know if I ever suggest all of them... sigh 

Drafts by Minato-Kushina

Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I will never forget my reaction when my first DD was featured, although the CV had already informed me that it had been accepted. I was talking with a friend on msn when I started to almost :squee: ! Totally humored, my friend told me "We have to tie you down before you float from happiness!" XD I was almost happier than the featured artist herself! :lol:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! :giggle:

I tag as many DD Suggesters I can find to do the same! Post a journal/comment with funny/strange incidents that have happened to you! :D


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Proud to be a dA New Symbol Badge - Senior Member by stuck-in-suburbia :happybounce: :party:

:wave: My name is Eleni and I am a teacher for elementary school (6-12 years old kids). :)

I found deviantART randomly, while searching on Google Images for "Naruto" pictures. My favorite anime that I watch until today. :D I wondered what was "this green page", so I randomly signed up, without knowing it was the largest art community!

Considering it was just a blog, I chose without much thought the name of two of my favorite "Naruto" characters: Minato and Kushina! :D And that's the story of this famous username!

Following some inactive months, I gradually loved this place. :heart: 4 years later, I still like to promote art and make people happy! :giggle:

I am quite shy, but I love communicating with people around the world! Feel free to talk to me and share your thoughts!
\(● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ●)/

Thanks for visiting me! :w00t:

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My wishes to all of you... <3




I just wanted to share this! :D



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